Gabriele GIUSTI

Gabriele Giusti studied law at the University at Geneva, where he obtained a Bachelor of Laws (2017), a Master in General Laws (2019), a Certificate of advanced studies in legal professions (2020), as well a Certificate in Transnational Law (2021). After his studies, he worked as a paralegal in two Geneva law firms specialising in civil law and criminal law. At the same time, he also worked as a jurist in an association active in the field of labour law and unemployment law. Between March 2022 and February 2023, he completed his first year of legal training at the Service de la Taxe professionnelle communale de la Ville de Genève and at the Tribunal des mineurs de la République et Canton de Genève, which enabled him to cover various areas of law. Gabriele Giusti is a member of the Swiss Society of Jurists.

French, Italian, German, English

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