Kim Auberson Prod’hom studied law at the University of Lausanne. In 1995, she started her professional career as an intern at a Geneva-based law firm specialized in litigation and was admitted to the Geneva Bar in 1998. She went on to become an associate and then an of Counsel before joining Salamian Bolsterli as a partner in June 2021.

Principal practice areas
Kim Auberson Prod’hom advises private clients in matters of civil law (right of individuals, inheritance law, tenancy law, building contracts, etc) and is a well-established litigator. Over the years, she has gained special experience in law in protection, both as attorney and as nominated trustee (she represents minors in legal family matters and estate settlements as well as adults in need of guardianship). Kim Auberson Prod’hom is also specialized in inheritance law and acts both as attorney or as an ex-officio estate trustee when appointed by the Justice of the Peace.
In all matters of guardianship and ex-officio estate appointments, Kim Auberson Prod’hom and her assistant handle all administrative matters, including billing and household staff management and offer services in line with a family office.

French, English, Italian (good knowledge)

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